Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 6, Issue 27 – May 18, 2014

Greetings, Thrifty Sisters! Happy belated Mother’s Day to our Thrifty Mom’s out there, Happy Birthday to one of my sisters, and happy upcoming Memorial Day Weekend for the rest of us! So many Happy Wishes today!!!

Even though the weather in my neighborhood is not what one would call swimming weather (I had to publicly break up with our sad spring weather when we woke up to a 25 degree morning this week and several nights of tucking in various pants for the night), I can’t help but let my thoughts wander to one of my favorite summer pastimes, swimming. Sure, pools are fun, but finding a great swimming hole is even more fun! I have so many fond memories of spring swimming at Oakwood Lake during college, and all of the good times with great friends! It’s time to rejuvenate that feeling! This web site lists some local swimming holes, and is interactive. I notice that the SD map only has a few listed, but don’t forget to think about your local state parks – they may have some lovely swimming surprises! Why not plan a family trip to one of these featured swimming holes?

Maybe swimming is not on your mind as of yet. Are you still spring-cleaning? Check out this list of 51 fantastic uses for baking soda: Wow – so many great ideas on this list! They list some unexpected personal care ideas (like a new hand cleanser recipe made out of honey and cornmeal!), some cleaning ideas (including a neat-o way to clean up grime off floors – this is going on my “got to try” list!) and of course some fresh ideas on deodorizing! Since my mind continues to float towards warm summer thoughts, I am going to revisit the use of baking soda in my homemade laundry detergent!

Possibly one is looking for some fresh recipe ideas. Unfortunately, I don’t have a recipe with a crazy baking soda twist, but I do have some fun carrot recipes to share. (Yummy! Carrots from the garden. Oh, sorry, there I go daydreaming about being outside in the garden again!) In case anyone is curious, I have cute baby carrots sprouts in my two carrot pots!

For 5 easy ways to enjoy carrots, visit:

Do you even notice how maybe your project or recipe did not turn out like the super-cute photo from Pintrest or Martha Stewarts web site? Maybe the rest of you follow directions better than I do, but here is a clever snack idea that would be easy to make ahead of time and something to enjoy for several days. This might even prove to be something one could use for a light meal! However, I am positive that my crackers will not cut as pretty as the ones pictured. Mine will be very rustic looking. Maybe one calls that artisan? For some artisan crackers right from your home oven, visit:

And with that, my dear sisters, enjoy your week! Enjoy traveling to a local swimming hole, enjoy time with family and friends, good luck on your crafty projects and take time to think about making one small change in your routine with baking soda. I hope that the recipes shared with inspire you to visit your local farmer’s market and pick up something yummy and fresh! Keep on keeping it thrifty and fun, folks!

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