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Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 11, Issue 7 – November 25, 2018

Greetings, Thrifty Sisters! I truly hope that each one of you had the opportunity to celebrate being thankful and surrounded by those that you love over the past week.

For those of you who have been following this newsletter for the past year, you know that I have been participating in the minimalism challenge. (to refresh your acquaintance on what I’m talking about check out the game rules here: ). My game has been a slow one. I completed the January challenge in June. I started the July challenge understanding that it would take me about 6 months. It’s late November and I’m about half way through the July 23rd day. No matter how slow my game has been, I am winning with each space that I regain and clean. I have also learned a lot about myself and my ridiculous pack-ratting skills. I have also found some treasures that I have been able to repurpose into “new” creations.

With the holiday season in full swing, consider making some really rad gifts for those on your gift giving list. Handmade and unique items are always appreciated, and it tells the recipient that you took a lot of love and time in creating a special-for-them gift. If it’s the thought that counts, then you win at gift giving with a handcrafted item, because creating something takes a LOT of thought!

So, let’s talk about altered books. That’s an actual label for creative reposed books projects. Feel free to Google that, or get lost down the Pinterest rabbit hole. So much creativity! Here are some of my favorites:

15 furniture ideas using books:

Printed Vintage Dictionary Artwork:

The Classic Book Safe:

A Collection of book crafts and ideas:

Now that I have your creative juices flowing, why not think about inventive food choices? I was trying to find some neat-o holiday left over ideas, and randomly found these two recipes. Both captured my curiosity, although I was not at all familiar with zoodles. Zoodles are noodles made from zucchini, although if one invests in a spiralizer, one can make noodles out of most veggies.

My mind is blown just a little right now. Kitchen gadgets have never been my thing, but this spiralizer does seem interesting. Maybe you already own one, and just need a bit of inspiration? Here are 33 Zoodle recipes:

No spiralizer, no problem. How about some Cauliflower Tacos?

And with that my Thrifty Sisters, have a great week. December is quickly approaching, which means the Christmas Crazies are looming down on us. Take each day and make it the best. Be kind to yourself and others. Do what you can with the 24 hours available to you, but make sure that you take time to sleep and eat well. Until next time, keep on keepin’ it thrifty and fun!

Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 11, Issue 6 – November 11, 2018

Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 11, Issue 6 – November 11, 2018

Greetings, Thrifty Sisters! The last newsletter touted the delights of spending the last few weeks of September living up summer, and then I blinked. And here we are, ready to talk about the holidays. 2018 is just flying by, in my home. Marching band is over, school is in full swing with the holiday concerts looming, and with the unseasonably cool weather, I’ve been forced to put the sun dresses and flip flops away and rediscover my winter layers.

With November comes many reasons to rejoice. Today we get to celebrate our Veterans. We need to take time to recognize and remember all of those who have served, are serving, and for those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms. For all the veterans who are reading this, I will never forget, and thank you for your service.

For those Veterans, don’t forget that many local and national businesses offer discounts or free items, in recognition of your services. If you are curious what is available, there are many websites that are posting the deals of the day. Here is one:

And later this week, we have America Recycles Day on Nov 15. I had no idea that this was even a national day! In the following link ( it states, “America Recycles Day was started in 1997 by the National Recycling Coalition and is declared each year by Presidential Proclamation, encouraging Americans to commit to recycling.” And I thought Recycling Day was every day! Feel free to reduce, reuse and recycle on Thursday, and enjoy the national movement to get involved.

And in just about a week and a half, it’s Thanksgiving! (OMG, did your tummy just twist like mine did when I looked at the calendar and figured this out?!) Yikes, and wow. If you are in the same boat as I am, please feel free to visit this site for 10 smart tips to help you prepare for Thanksgiving. They offer some stellar planning ahead for meal prep, and even provide links to to-do lists, as well as info about unthawing one’s bird.

Maybe you would rather craft your way to a lovely Thanksgiving? Here are 9 great ways to celebrate America Recycles Day AND create a festive mood:

And before I signoff, allow me to leave you this recipe for Cheesy Baked Spaghetti Squash. Spaghetti squash is such an amazing squash! In the last posting, I declared that Delicata Squash was probably my favorite squash, but I was mistaken. Spaghetti Squash is my favorite. Anything that you would make with pasta, you can make with this squash! And the mild flavor does not make you think you are eating squash at all. Mother Nature, you have once again blown my mind!!!!

Since my kitchen looks like a small farmer’s market has set up shop, I need to get to work on baking up some of these yummy gourds. One of my preferred things is to bake one of a Sunday and eat it for lunches during the work week. Since I have not been home on Sundays, it’s been difficult to squeeze it into my work week, but I have a feeling today is the day. And this recipe sounds amazing!

And with that, my Thrifty Sisters, celebrate every day. Celebrate and thank our Veterans, celebrate recycling opportunities, celebrate all the small and beautiful things that life offers to you every day. Celebrate that we still have a week and a half to prepare for Thanksgiving. I’m going to celebrate garden goodness by putting a spaghetti squash in my oven and be thankful that I have the time and resources to be able to do that today. Remember to be kind to yourself and each other and keep on keepin’ it thrifty and fun!

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