Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 7, Issue 7 – November 30, 2014

Greetings, Thrifty Sisters! It looks like I am able to squeak in one November newsletter for this year! I certainly hope that between Halloween and Thanksgiving each of you have been able to be happy, productive and most importantly, enjoy time with your friends and family.

You know that garage clean up that I was eagerly hoping to have done… Well, it looks like it will become a spring project after all. Goodness, life certainly has a way of side tracking one’s time and energies. However, my messy garage will be waiting for me when the warmer weather returns. Isn’t that fun to know? Actually, it is beneficial to share this – have you ever been in a situation when someone is talking about something in their life, and you say to yourself, “I thought it was just ME!” I am sure that there are several of you out there that did not get to that one last fall project, and you know what, it’s OK! We are all in this together.

So now, Thanksgiving has whirled by, and Christmas is quickly sneaking in upon us. Are you lucky enough to have some Thanksgiving leftovers on hand? Last year my Mom sent home the Thanksgiving turkey carcass with me, and I made some incredible Turkey Broth. I was even able to time the making of the broth, and extending the last two jars to this Thanksgiving, and it was worth it! If you are into making your own broth and happened to save the bones, I suggest trying out this super easy recipe!

Speaking of Thanksgiving leftovers, my Hubby made the best turkey sandwiches last night! These sandwiches could have been $15 sandwiches at some high-end deli! Here is the description: A blend of white and dark turkey meat, covered with pepper jack cheese and avocado, heaped upon a European cheese and herb bread. Sounds pretty fancy, huh? In reality, it was the left over bread (that I baked!), left over turkey, two random slices of cheese floating around in the fridge and an avocado. Man, I love an avocado filled sandwich, and these were very good!

Are you looking for inspiration for left over meals? Try this web site that sports 36 different recipes:

Are you ready to start tackling the idea of Christmas presents this year? Actually, these ideas are great for the upcoming season, but they can be used throughout the entire year. What concept can I be talking about, well, present wrapping, of course! As always, consider reusing saved papers, be creative with the papers that you have on hand like newspaper and brown grocery bags, but also, don’t forget about recycling ribbons and bows. But, have you considered non paper wrapping items?

There is a type of wrapping called Furoshiki. This Japanese gift-wrapping method uses beautiful fabric in place of disposable paper. Vintage scarves, tea towels, and large cloth napkins all make great furoshiki wrappers. Fabric wrapping not really your thing? Consider cloth bags! Etsy has a collection of hand made cloth bags that one could use and pass around the family for years. Or many stores have reusable shopping bags, and if you can find the right size, that might be a great option! Are you sew-crafty? Maybe you could sew your own bags with left over fabrics!

And, there is the “vintage” wrap! It is disposable papers, but they are floating around in all of our homes! May as well try to use that up. I had no idea that the tub of old Christmas wrap found in my grandma’s house would have been so sought after, and even have a term!! “Vintage”. Now it’s cool to find and use that type of paper. Maybe I was ahead of the trend, as I have been desperately trying to use up my allotted stash for most of my son’s life, and he is 20!

Do you have extra tins or glass jars, or unique boxes? Those all make great gift giving containers, as well! The possibilities are endless!

BUT, no matter whatever you do and how you wrap it, give your gift with love in your heart.

And with that my Thrifty Sisters, may you have a wonderful journey into December! Take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy the left over recipes, enjoy day dreaming about fun wrapping ideas throughout the year, and most of all, enjoy each other. Keep on keeping it thrifty and fun, folks!

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