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Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 12, Issue 6 – November 24, 2019

Greetings Thrifty Sisters, and Happy Thanksgiving Week! While this is the time of year to plan the perfect holiday gatherings and eagerly look forward to gathering with family and friends, don’t forget to remember to practice gratitude. Celebrate every day and be thankful for the bounties that are in your life.

Recently, I had some friends over for supper, and I was trying to find a recipe that another friend had given me a long time ago. I knew that the recipe was in either my recipe box, or my recipe binder, and so, the search began. While digging through my recipe box, I uncovered a treasure trove of recipes that had the names of dear friends and family or notes about how much our picky-eater son enjoyed these dishes, along with handwritten stars or comments like “Yummy!”. As I was searching for my recipe, I was flooded with nostalgic feelings from the past. Remembering when we first created these meals, or the delight of being gifted a handwritten recipe card from someone.

I find it rather amusing that with the ease of having virtually every recipe in the world at my fingertips, we often struggle to create a weekly meal plan. (Especially at this time of year when a CSA box is not placed at my doorstep!) Funny, since the answers to our meal prep struggles were neatly tucked away in my recipe box, just waiting to be rediscovered.

Another recent kitchen discovery that I made was how to reuse worn out Bee’s Wrap cloths. I have a very well-loved wrap that has lost it’s sticky. It is such a perfect size, but just doesn’t do its job sealing bowls any longer. Last Christmas I was gifted a sandwich sized wrap, and just loved it. It traveled with me on every marching band meal need, which means that I got a LOT of use out of that wrap! Then it dawned on me that the not so sticky wrap could be repurposed into a sandwich wrap – add a button and some string, and the lack of sticky would be no problem! I am really looking forward to having 2 sandwich wraps! (check out this link to see what I am talking about when I say add a button and string:

Did you know that one could also make their own wraps, out of repurposed cotton fabric? What a fun way to get to enjoy your favorite shirt, well after it has served its purpose in your wardrobe!  While I understand getting the bees wax mix to evenly distribute across the fabric, is a challenge, this might be a fun winter activity to try. I’m always looking for things to kill time during our prairie blizzards!

Last time, I shared some pumpkin recipes, and how to freeze pumpkin puree. My friend Tanya also gifted me a delicious batch of her pumpkin butter. Oh, how glorious this is! Freezable, easy to thaw and so enjoyable. While this is not her recipe, here is an easy, any-fruit-you-want recipe:

As I wrap up this week’s Thrifty Sister, I am sure that the burning question of what I will bring to the family meal is on your mind. I am in charge of the “Pink Stuff” and Dad has requested a summertime coleslaw.

As little girls, this Pink Stuff was a coveted holiday dish that my Grandma Anderson would bring. Since there were “some” rather picky eaters at the table, the Cottage Cheese Salad name was changed to Pink Stuff to not give away potential non desirable ingredients.

Pink Stuff

16 oz of cottage cheese

3 oz (or bigger) box of jello – any pink flavoring of your choice – Grandma used strawberry, but I like the raspberry jello when I can find it

Big container of cool whip (8 oz – is what some recipes call for, but this is silly – GO BIG!)

1 can of fruit cocktail, drained

Mix it all together in a large bowl, and chill for at least 3 hours before serving. I have no idea how to store leftovers, as this was never a problem for the Anderson Girls.

Oil and Vinegar Slaw – Thanks, Rachel Ray!

The only changes I make to this recipe is that I chop up fresh cabbage (I sure like the purple kind!), add my own things like onions or carrots, and sprinkle in some fresh or dried herbs like rosemary, oregano, thyme, celery seed, etc. I don’t think I have made this dish the same twice, but it sure is yummy!

And with that my, Thrifty Sisters, may you enjoy the beginning of the holiday season. Cherish each day, and each person. Be kind to each other, especially while standing in the holiday lines. We’re all in this together, so why not be pleasant? Happy Thanksgiving to each of you, as we all keep on keepin’ it thrifty and fun this holiday season! Anyone else looking forward to leftover yumminess?!

Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 12, Issue 5 – November 10, 2019

Greetings Thrifty Sisters, and Happy November! I feel like I just got my August planner situated, and here it is – November! Where has the fall disappeared to?! In my neighborhood, the seasonal change is certainly here. Forecasts for snow, artic winds and unseasonably cold temps are being delivered, and we find ourselves relishing the “warm days”, when temps hit the upper 40’s. I’ve dug out the winter coat and have come to accept the fact that it’s “tis the season”.

While I am certainly lamenting the loss of summer temps, and the time change, I am not wasting the opportunities to take advantage of the late autumn “nice” days. Yesterday I had the opportunity to clean and downsize in the garage. We inherited a set of shelves from my Hubby’s folks, and after helping them open space and clean up in their garage, we brought the shelf home. Then the daunting task of removing all the items from our shelves began.

You know how it goes – take all the stuff off the old shelves (oh my – what a mess!), put your new shelf together (while wishing that you had majored in engineering, because maybe that would help??), sweep the ridiculous amount of whatever has accumulated under the old shelves (seriously, don’t ask what that stuff is, just sweep and remove it!) move the new shelf into place, and ta-da! Look at all that glorious, clean space! After a mini celebration, it is now time to face reality and turn around to see the enormous amount of stuff that now needs to find a new home.

Since the Minimalism Challenge is still going strong in our home, I took this task as a chance to rack up some points for my game. Slowly, I began to pick through the pile and decide what items were obvious keepers. The canning jars were the first items to go on the new shelf. I was able to organize and sort through and even condense my collection. Then I began organizing what we use, what we don’t use, put like items together, etc. Before long, everything was neatly put away, or in piles to donate or toss. While my project still has a few loose ends to tidy up, the outcome was remarkable. We have everything on one, sturdy shelf, and acquired some open space along the wall. I can’t wait for the next 40 degree plus day to see what other progress I can make in the garage!

Another thing that I am trying to wrap my head around is how to deal with the end of my CSA. I eagerly looked forward to my Friday boxes, and my chats with our food providers. Meals for the week were easy, as one simply had to cook or eat what was in the box. Now that my weekly deliveries have come to an end, I am faced with the harsh reality that we are going to have to go to the store and think about what to make for the week! (I know, first world problems!) But I am going to miss those Friday delivery and social times.

Here are a few recipes to help inspire everyone to enjoy the seasonal bounties. Since it seems that we eat a lot of granola in the winter, here is an Autumn granola recipe:

Maybe you have a baking pumpkin, but are not sure what to do with it, or you have more puree than your original recipe calls for. Here’s some recipes to help you with that!

How to make and freeze pumpkin puree:

Pumpkin and Chocolate chip cookies:

Pumpkin pancakes:

And with that my fellow Thrifty Sisters, have a wonderful November. Use this time of year to wrangle a project or two before the holidays settle in. Enjoy the pumpkin recipes. Until next time, keep on keepin’ it thrifty and fun, and continue to be good to each other and yourself.