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Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 12, Issue 7 – December 8, 2019

Greetings Thrifty Sisters! Happy December! Why does it feel like 2019 just seemed to melt away? Before we know it, we’ll all be ringing in 2020. I guess we all just need to try to live up the last 3 weeks of 2019 and create some great memories!

As the month of December continues to parade right along, remember to take time to enjoy the moments. Many of us are getting ready for Christmas, and gift giving season, and more holiday feasts and celebrations. While all of these are fun and beautiful opportunities to see friends and family, don’t loose yourself or your mind during the next few short weeks. Oh, and did I mention the bazillion extra activities that are crowding our planners? Ugh, hang in there! We’ll get through it all. Maybe the short look forward to ringing in 2020 doesn’t seem so bad after all?

One of the biggest concerns with the holidays is how much food to prepare. Since I am a good ol’ midwestern mom, having enough food is a HUGE concern. And making sure no one “goes hungry” is also a concern. I swear it must be in our DNA or something. All those midwestern mom jokes are funny but rooted in truth.

Earth 911 has this handy dandy dinner party calculator designed to take into account your light eaters and heavy eaters, and what you plan on serving, as well as if you want left overs, then calculates it all together to let you know how much you will want to plan for. Let Earth 911 do the heavy mathematics, and give this dinner calculator a whirl:

Not only does the above link give you the calculator, but also several links to ways that one can use their leftovers – yay for creative ways to help us all achieve a zero-waste food lifestyle!

Maybe you would like to take zero waste beyond the dinner table and attain a bit thrifty-er lifestyle? Earth 911 also has 4 smart tips (or reminders) about reusing and reducing not only your footprint, but helping you save some of your hard-earned cash:

And with the holiday season, comes cardboard boxes. Bob Vila has some creative ways to reuse those boxes, help you get your crafty on, and keep them out of the “stream”. #10 is one that I can personally tell you is a great way to use cardboard boxes – especially if said cardboard box is full of dirt from a previous garden use. I have been using this method for years now and just love the results.

Speaking of leftovers – do you happen to have any left-over cranberries? Try this cranberry butter – it sounds so versatile and could make a great gift.

And gift ideas, combined with food and adorable canning jars? Yes, please! Check out these 30 ideas that would be fun to have at home, or as gifts:

And with that my, Thrifty Sisters, may you continue to enjoy the holiday season. Cherish each day, and each person. Good luck with the holiday meal organizing, while keeping your head on your shoulders as the holiday crazies ramp up. Please be kind to each other, especially while standing in the holiday lines – like I mentioned last time, we’re all in this together, so why not be pleasant? Keep on keepin’ it thrifty and fun this holiday season!