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Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 13, Issue 3 – September 20, 2020

Greetings, Thrifty Sisters! I hope that everyone is well and continues to stay healthy. It’s officially the final weekend of the summer season before the autumn equinox begins this coming week. Our trees are beginning to turn delightful fall hues, and there is a chill in the evening air, but for the time being we get to still have daytime summer temps. I’ll take that compromise for as long as I can!

This past growing season, we had a lot of fun watching what my hubby and I referred to as our mystery plant. Sometimes when I do the spring dump of the compost bin, into the garden, we get little bonus plants. Typically, it’s a tomato plant or a random cuc vine that begins to grow. They usually don’t do well, but I like to give them a chance at growing. This year, we had 2 vine varieties, and we enjoyed watching them grow. One vine produced flowers and kept getting bigger and bigger. We began guessing, as the buds began forming, and we slowly narrowed down the possibilities to either a squash or a hopefully a melon. As the season continued the one vine took over the 2nd vine, and I thought we might have lost the 2nd vine. But we continued to check in on our mystery plant, daily. It turned out to be some sort of cantaloupe, possibly a canary melon. We did get to pick 2 of the melons, and the fruits of that mystery plant were delicious! Just when I thought that our mystery plants might be done, the 2nd vine has really beginning to pick up speed and is growing rapidly and producing flowers, as well. With it being late in the growing season, I am extremely curious what this vine might be, and if we will get to enjoy the benefits of that little plant’s efforts.

While all of this might seem rather trivial, this was something that my hubby and I enjoyed checking in on and watch grow. It became a topic of daily conversation and was something to look forward to. To get to watch with wonder and curiosity. And to think all of this enjoyment was from a little seed that was once considered waste, was haphazardly dumped into the garden with no care or expectation, and produced fruit, in which we were able to enjoy.

I think there is a lot to learn from our little mystery plant, and there are a lot of take-aways from that experience. It is amazing what our garden can teach us, if one would just take the time to pay attention to its story. One take-away that I keep pondering is how individuals are written off, before they really have a chance to fully develop. What would happen if we took the time to appreciate them, check in on them, nurture them and give them support? What sort of fruits could those people provide?

And with that, my Thrifty Sisters, may you have an enjoyable start to the seasonal equinox. Take time to think about how you can be a better gardener to those around you. Remember, you can’t make a tomato plant produce a potato. But you can appreciate the people who come in your life. Nurture and love them. Embrace their differences and encourage those people to grow into what they are to be. You can grow a pretty amazing plant with respect and kindness. Until next time, be kind to yourself and to others and keep on keepin’ it thrifty and fun.

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