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Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 11, Issue 8 – December 30, 2018

Greetings, Thrifty Sisters! How in the world did 2018 go so fast?! Mentally, I’m still in July of 2018, but the calendar and the weather, in my neighborhood, are certainly telling me that I have lost track of time. I guess I need to mentally reset and figure out how to embrace 2019, because it’s coming! I hope that the dust is settling after the Holiday Blitz. And blitz by, it did. As I reflect on the recent holidays, it just seemed like it was a massive whirlwind. But, so was 2018, so I guess this was par for the course!

As we begin to look towards the new year, I hope that each of you have activities and events that you are looking forward to. I also hope that each of you find time to relish each day. Mindfully appreciating each 24-hour period and find opportunities to be grateful. It’s hard to be grateful when your to-do list is killing you but take time to think of what you have. Possibly you are in a mad dash to do house cleaning. Be mindful and grateful that you have a home to clean. Piles of laundry seem daunting? Feel blessed to have clothes to get to wear. This is a good mindset to practice but practice it does take.

If you are into new year resolutions, consider making some large strides in creating a new habit this year. New habits require effort, but they can make a lasting impact on you and your community. Take something simple like water bottles. According to Beverage Daily, Americans consumed 42 gallons of bottled water each in 2018. Assuming you choose 16-ounce bottles, that’s 336 plastic bottles a year or 9.5 pounds of plastic. (

Wow. That’s a lot of waste. Why not invest in a reusable water bottle? Sure, sometimes a store-bought water is unavoidable. But think about the impact one person could make with a simple switch such as refilling a water glass throughout the day or having a refillable water container. Or what about reusing that store-bought water container until it’s worn out? Simple changes can make huge benefits for one’s community and reduce the landfill stresses.

Other plastic consumer habits that one could consider changing is recycling plastic bags and wraps. Plastic wrap and film packaging are generally #2 and #4 plastic, both of which are recyclable. And many times, one can find plastic bag recycling at the large box stores or your local grocery stores, which also take clean plastic films and wraps, along with your plastic bags. Keeping the plastic bags and films out of your curbside recycling helps ensure that your local recyclers will not half to shut down their systems when a plastic bag gets caught in the machinery.

According to, here are things to do and not do. Also, check out the above link for frequently asked questions about recycling plastics and wraps.

Please DO recycle:

  • Grocery & retail bags
  • Newspaper bags
  • The outer Wrapping from Napkins, Paper Towels, Bathroom Tissue & Diapers
  • Bread bags
  • Dry cleaning bags
  • The outer wrapping from bulk beverages
  • Produce bags
  • All clean, dry bags Labeled #2 or #4

Please DO NOT recycle:

  • Food or cling wrap
  • Prepackaged food bags (including frozen food bags and pre-washed salad bags)
  • Plastic Film That has Been Painted or has Excessive Glue Residue

Thanks for indulging my obsession for recycling all that plastic! I’ll spare you my soap box rant on packaging waste, but if you could just do one of these things, each one of us, we would make a large impact.

How about some new recipe ideas? I ran across this thing called warm salads. At first, I thought this sounded disgusting. Are you envisioning a heaping bowl of slimy, cooked lettuce? I was! It turns out that I have been enjoying warm salads for a long time without realizing they were called warm salads. Not everything in your bowl must be warm. Maybe you start with a base of crisp, mixed salad greens and top them with freshly cooked beans, steamy roasted vegetables, or a warm salad dressing. You can also start with warm greens, like cooked kale. Or skip the greens entirely and go with warm grains as the base. You get the idea: mix cooked ingredients with fresh veggies, toss with a good dressing and you’re in business. See the following link for 15 yummy warm salad ideas:

And with that my Thrifty Sisters, have a great week and mindfully cheer in the new year. It’s here and I need to get on board with 2019. Continue to make each day the best. Be kind to yourself and others. Until next time, keep on keepin’ it thrifty and fun!

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