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Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 13, Issue 1 – July 5, 2020

Greetings, Thrifty Sisters! Here it is, July, and I am not sure how 30 days of June flew by so fast. Since our last post, so many things have happened. There was Father’s Day (Happy belated Father’s Day to all the Daddies!) and Summer Solstice (my favorite day!), and the 4th of July. In my world, my mom has sold her house, had an auction, and moved, my hubby had a hernia surgery, and smashed in the middle of all of that is a global pandemic. Covid continues to be a real thing, and we are all continuing to learn how to interact with each other with new social distancing procedures, masks (along with the social division about said masks), and SO much hand washing. And let’s not overlook the awareness our country is facing as protestors are bringing consciousness to the ugly elephant in the room of inequalities faced by people of color in our communities.

Our worlds are certainly changing. But the one constant that we all have is that our neighborhoods still need each other to thrive and be the best living spot we can make them. We must not allow our emotional and political stances to define “us” and “them”. “We” work together, play together, live together, and I hope that we continue to support each other. We can have differences, but it is time that we start listening to each other and work towards a common goal rather than allow the differences to divide us. Unity. I think it’s a great choice!

If you have continued this far, I appreciate you. Thank you. I’ll get off my soap box and let’s talk thrifty fun!

So, recently, I feel down an internet rabbit hole while searching things that you can make rather than buy. Seems like a normal search topic for me. I’m mindful while shopping and really do make conscious choices about how much waste I’m creating once I am home and have that new thing out of its packaging. But there is also something to say about convenience and if said purchase if going to make one’s life easier, it is worth taking into consideration. Browse through these ideas, do what you want with the suggestions, and if you find a great way to save money and reduce your footprint, YOU WIN! And honestly, we could all use a little win right now.

Here is a list of 25 things not to buy, and the author’s reasons why:

How about 10 food items to consider making – along with the recipes!

The title of this article is “45 Things You’ve Been Buying That You Should Make Instead’. Please ignore the guilty language of should. You COULD make these if you wanted. Isn’t that more empowering?

And that rabbit hole lead me to make-ahead camping meals. Not sure how that all tied together in my grand Google search, but it did! And how timely, since camping has seen a huge renewal this season. One does not need to have a week-long pack in/pack out experience to enjoy a little homemade camping goodness. Try a day trip to a state park and do a picnic or, use these meals to have a cook free weekend, and eat outside for your outdoor enjoyment.!whole-30-veggie-frittata-recipe

And with that, my Thrifty Sisters, have a wonderful week. Continue to get creative on things you can make, rather than buy, continue to be mindful shoppers, and most of all have fun with the outdoor recipes and enjoy the possibilities and places that they can take you to. Until next time, be kind to yourself and to others and keep on keepin’ it thrifty and fun.