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Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 8, Issue 13 – May 1, 2016

Happy May Day to my Thrifty Sisters! I hope that you each had a grand exit to April and are eagerly looking forward to what May has to offer.  May can be a very exciting month – schools are gearing up for summer vacations, there are graduations to celebrate, vacations are being planned, and all of those April showers are going to give us many garden surprises this month.

Last Sunday I went out and got the potatoes tucked neatly into their potato bags, and then it has rained and rained all week long. I’m pleasantly surprised to not see my little potatoes floating in their bags! With the copious amounts of rain, and unseasonably cool days, it has been very difficult to follow my Dad’s instructions on getting various bulbs into the ground before May 1. But, the weather looks more cooperative this coming week, and if life offers a moment, I am heading out to the garden with bulbs in tow! So, if my Daddy asks about the bulbs, please tell him that I fully intend to get them in the garden this week.

For all my garden enthusiasts, I hope that your garden planning is going smoothly and that your little indoor plant babies are growing well.  Some of you are pros on the square foot garden method, and others of you are in the young stages of wanting to create your first gardens.  I’m very intrigued at the concept of the square foot gardening method, but I always chicken out at the last minute.  Last year I made my own square foot marker.  Just a simple wooden square, measuring one square foot, and I used it as a template in the garden.  The first square foot was fine.  I found instructions on the web that suggested 4 peppers per square foot.  To me that seemed really tight, but in went the first 4 within the square boundary.  Then square number 2 came along, and “common sense” took over and I began spreading out the peppers, like I have always done it.  Wow, 4 plants in one square foot seems ok, but when you start stacking groups of 4 that close next to each other, it just seemed so wrong!

And so began my internal battle of wanting to experiment, vs the tried and true ways that I have “always” done it. Sigh.  Ironically, all pepper plants – both planted square foot style or spaced out were not a giant success last summer.  But, I am still on a mission to learn how this elusive square foot gardening method will work for me and my needs. And, once again, I am eager to get my experimental mind to the garden before my common sense kicks in.

Hobbies are always a good way to spend one’s time.  There is a sense of accomplishment, and ownership in the hard work one puts forth.  And it is never too late to pick up a new trick!  Studies have shown that staying active is beneficial to a happy mind. If you are a knitter, you are going to especially appreciate this article.  But consider your hobbies and activities.  All things that we do with our hands makes us happier and we engage so many of our senses, without even realizing it.  Read more about the science of knitting (or hobbies, in general) here:

Maybe you don’t have the patience for a knitting project, but I bet you ladies have some old tights sitting around that are well past their prime.  Consider this cute upcycling project that our friend Johnny shared:  Old tights into new hair bands is a smashing idea!  Or, if the length is too wide and you don’t want a lump of hair tie at the base of your pony tail, consider cutting it down to size, and tying a knot in the material, just like the cute little hair bands that you can buy in the store.

Possibly you like to make your own bathroom indulgences.  With the heightened awareness of mosquitoes this coming season, consider making your own bugless solid lotion. NPR just re-shared a past article about which mosquito repellants work the best, and there is an option to the DEET sprays – Lemon Eucalyptus.  (NPR Link: ) Make your own Lotion Bar Recipe:

And to wrap up today’s Thrifty Sister, allow me to encourage your chef-ly creative juices with some vegetable grilling marinade recipes.

And with that my Thrifty Sisters, Happy May Day.  May you continue to be creative, crafty, thrifty and always have a good time doing it!  Keep on keeping it thrifty and fun.  Oh, and don’t forget, Mother’s Day is next Sunday.  I challenge you to show all the Mama’s in your life some appreciation!

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