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Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 8, Issue 11 – March 6, 2016

Greetings, Thrifty Sisters! We have made it to March, and let the Spring Goodness shine into our lives! Last week, I was trying to decide if March was going to come in like a lamb or march in like a lion. We had a snowy start, but my neighborhood is warming up nicely, and the Robins are back. All solid signs that Spring has arrived.

Perhaps you are a firm believer in spring cleaning, or possibly you are ready to take that plunge into sorting and cleaning certain areas that may have gotten a “bit” cluttered during our winter months. Whatever the reason, consider making and using some tried and true homemade cleaners to tackle some of your cleaning needs. Need some new cleaning solution ideas? Find recipes on how to clean with vinegar, baking soda, wood cleaners, and laundry room needs, and more by visiting this web site:

Are you more interested in Garden daydreaming? It’s always fun to plan ahead to a summer bounty! Instead of stocking up on that pricey Liquid Fence, take time to read Survivor Jane’s blog about homemade bunny and deer repellent. I have made a similar recipe, and it works. Just don’t let the plastic jug freeze in the garage like I did a few years ago. I was certain something had died in our garage that winter, until I went to lean across my garage workbench, and put my hand in some cold, unbelievably stinky mess on my work bench. Yeap, this stuff works – and it retains its stink all year long, even when it’s cold!

Make your own Liquid Fence:

Maybe you are enjoying your indoor time and want to find something different to do rather than cleaning or making smelly messes. Have you considered making your own mead? With the craft brew explosion happening in our country, this would be a fun way to try our own hand at local brewing.

This web site has some great methods to make the food that we purchase last a bit longer, and honestly, who couldn’t use help keeping their groceries fresher for longer? This link shares 40 ways to help lengthen the life of your groceries, and there are some very clever ideas in this link! (I learned a lot this morning!)

And as a final share for the day, allow me to share this delicious sounding recipe. I love a good stuffed pepper, and I am sure that we all have some favorite recipes in our recipe books, but it is nice to occasionally shake things up a bit. And if you happen to have left overs, don’t forget that our friend, Madonna, has shared that stuffed peppers can be frozen individually, which makes for a fast, easy and healthy lunch, snack or fast supper option!

And with that, my Thrifty Sisters, may you have a grand week! Enjoy rediscovering the joys of vinegar and homemade cleaners, day dreaming of time in your gardens, learning new tricks to extend the life of your groceries, or possibly trying new mead or stuffed pepper recipes. Whatever and however your week is spent, keep it fun and thrifty, and remember to stay kind to yourself. Until next time, keep on keeping it thrifty and fun!

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