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Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 13, Issue 7 – January 17, 2021

Greetings, my Thrifty Sisters, and Happy 2021! While many of us were optimistic that ’21 was going to turn a new leaf and provide hope and optimism, it appears that ’20 has a terrible hang over, and the Tylenol is not working. Possibly ’20 didn’t hydrate enough before it’s binger?! Even though this new year seems to have a rough start, there is so much possibility left in this new year. (don’t burst my happy bubble on this one, just go with it)

So how do we manage 2021? While many are into the new year resolutions, I have been trying to work on sustainable goals for each year. Simple ideas that can creep into one’s lifestyle and change the way one perceives their day. Not only does this help with overall mental health, but it also improves physical health, and the best part is that this is free and open for the taking.

I used to joke with people that would ask, “How’s today going” and I would say, “I got out of bed and both feet hit the ground, so that’s good!” With the addition of Covid to our lives, I now say “I hit the ground with both feet and can smell and taste my coffee this morning, I think today is going to be a good day!” It’s all about perspective.

Here are 2 easy to read articles about mindfulness and how to incorporate it into your day. Start small. Pick one element to think about or change. Maybe you want to try 1 mindfulness approach per day. Possibly you might want to practice one of these concepts for a week or longer. But, trust me, even just one mindful change to your daily living is going to make a HUGE impact in your life, and to those around you. And it is free. The only thing you have to lose is the baggage you are carrying around.

It’s much like the stop should-ing on yourself idea. One can say, “I should do the laundry today”, or you can choose to say, “I could do the laundry today”. No more guilt, and so much empowerment in just one word. But, before one can make those changes, one needs to catch themselves in the act.

While I leave you a little bit of food for thought, let’s redirect to actual food. Recently, I was watching a program on the PBS channel, Create. It was a cooking show that had a fascinating history and colloquial overview about dumplings. I have always thought that dumplings were such a strange and wide term. Dumplings in one part of the US means something different from region to region, and much different than across seas, but yet they are similar. It was almost a relief to find out that my confusion about dumplings was justified. Some of you might have fond memories of grandma’s dumpling soup, or a favorite dumpling dish from a much-loved Chinese restaurant.  In my life, “Dumpling” was a beloved term that my Grandma Anderson called us girls. We were her little dumplings. I’m pretty sure that was a good thing.

Check out these 30 dumpling recipes from around the world. Maybe 2021 will give you a chance to create a new favorite family dish, or dust off that recipe card you inherited from Grandma. Or maybe you just want to start calling your loved ones Dumpling?

And there you have it, my Thrifty Sisters. May you have the best success in finding and developing mindfulness in 2021. It might not solve the world’s problems, but it will help you find happiness and contentment in today, and I think that is a win. Enjoy the dumpling recipes, and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, don’t forget to tell all the dumplings in your life that you love them. Until next time, keep on keepin’ it fun and thrifty.