Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 9, Issue 1 – July 17, 2016

Greetings Thrifty Sisters! Was my last post really on May Day?  Obviously, I have been out living the dream, as all of May and June and July seem like a giant blur. Hopefully everyone has had an opportunity to enjoy the first half of summer, in some sort of capacity!

The last time I wrote, I was worried about spring showers drowning out freshly planted potatoes.  Now that the spring showers have come and gone, days have warmed up and dried up, and I have some pretty crunchy grass in my yard.  For me, the trick is to conserve water, but not let my grass die.  That happened one year.  I conserved a ton of water, but areas in my backyard burned up so bad that I had to reseed the following spring.  Lesson learned, I guess!

I feel that one can not have too many reminders and suggestions on how to save on our water usage.  Check out this link that gives us 14 ideas (or reminders) on how to efficiently water or garden spaces.   It’s never too late to start conserving water!

Hopefully when you are not tending to your garden, you have been able to go out and enjoy the Great Outdoors.  Don’t forget to apply the “leave no trace” philosophy to your outings – day trips, camping trips, or road trips, these are all good prompts of how to pack in and pack out, and how to be courteous to others while enjoying nature.

Are you using your summer days to clean and organize your home? I’m trying to get some projects done over the summer, but time and activities seem to not be on my side some days. But, the goal is to plug away.  Patience is being learned, on my part.  I have come to accept that some projects just have to be worked into our life style, and planning ahead is crucial. You know, like shampooing your carpet, then having company over before it’s dry.  That would be poor planning.  But, why not have fun with some of your organizational projects!  Check out this link with 10 very clever and creative ways to accommodate household dilemmas:

Speaking of clever ideas – visit this web site that has 39 ideas for your backyard!  Ideas on how to keep your pots from drying out, to backyard scrabble games, to fairy garden ideas!  This collection of ideas might add more to your to-do list, but some of these ideas are just so cool!

I realize that today’s newsletter is short, but I can hear my garden calling, and I certainly do not want to miss being outside! Besides, it appears that I have a bumper crop of thistles that have shown up on one side of my garden, and I really need to take care of them before they get out of control.  So, before closing, I am going to put a little BBQ recipe here, for your enjoyment:

May each of you have a superb week!  Enjoy your outdoor activities, but remember to only leave footprints, conserve water, have fun doing the daily activities, continue to find humor in all aspects of your day, and be kind to each other, and yourself. Keep on keeping it thrifty and fun, folks!



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