Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 12, Issue 12 – April 12, 2020

Greetings, Thrifty Sisters! I hope that this finds everyone happy and healthy on this Easter Morning. While the daffodils are blooming, we are also experiencing quite an April snow “shower” in my neighborhood. Honestly, it’s more like a blizzard at times. Boy am I going to look ridiculous shoveling snow in my Easter Dress later today!

While our world continues to change and we adapt to the new limitations while trying to slow down the curve of COVID-19, I am constantly amazed at the human spirit. The generosity and kindness is very heart felt. After my last writing, I had people check in to make sure that we had yeast, my friend Cathy provided me with my own sour dough starter, and the outpouring of suggestions on how to make your own sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, new recipes, throwback ideas to victory gardens, the making and sharing of face masks and the ingenuity of how to protect our health care workers (have you seen the ear savers that people are making with their 3D printers?!) has filled my heart with hope. Businesses have heard the call of how certain food items are hard to find and are offering raw ingredients for sale. Not only is this a creative way to continue to provide a cash flow in, but a true outreach to their communities. The innovation and caring is astounding.

Thank you to everyone who is doing their part. Every bit helps.

Here is a brief complied list of resources:

Interesting read on the difference of cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing:

Hand Sanitizer:

Sanitizer wipes (Thanks, Danny K – he said these work great!):

Please note that if you are doing ANYTHING with bleach, DO NOT MIX IT WITH OTHER CHEMICALS! Earlier, in March, our sister Lynn sent this out, sort of as a tongue-in-cheek reminder to Karen to not mix bleach (long story, but many years ago Karen created an unexpected science experiment!). This is a great visual aide on why not to mix bleach with anything:

While gardening has been at the forefront of my daydreams, I am happy to report that I have been able to finally start some seeds! Tomatoes, peppers and herbs are happily sprouting in a large seed growing container on my kitchen table. While the container was bigger than the available space on my refrigerator top, (I like to use the warmth from the top o’ the fridge as a seed warmer), the sunny spot at the table seems to be working out fine.

Interested in starting your own Victory Garden? Honestly, anytime one can grow their own food, it’s a victory, but self-reliance is also a victory.  Check out these ideas here:

Possibly, you are well on your way to the 2020 Pantry Purge? Now is a great time to use up those odds and ends that are cluttering up your pantry and provide you with less trips to the grocery store! Here are a couple of nifty web sites to help guide your creative chef experiences.  (Thanks, Tanya! Also, check out the link for the free cookbook this person is creating – and submit your favorite recipes!)

And with that, my Thrifty Sisters, Happy Easter. I hope that you have found some creative resources in today’s newsletter. Keep sharing your links, and wash your hands! Until next time, be kind to yourself and others and keep on keepin’ it thrifty and fun.

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