Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 12, Issue 10 – March 15, 2020

Greetings, Thrifty Sisters! I hope that this finds each of you healthy, during this time of uncertainty as we all branch into new ways of living during “The Days of Rona”, as one of my students said this past week. As I reflect on what has happened since the last Thrifty Sister, I can’t believe how much all our worlds have changed.

I certainly hope that each of you were able to celebrate The Most Wonderful Day of the Year on March 1. Being grateful for what my Dad has taught me and making sure that I do not miss a moment to celebrate all the small wonders of life have been a blessing, and a beautiful opportunity to continuously view the world around me. Mindfulness and perspective are truly amazing game changers in our lives.

Mindfulness and perspective are also a great way to move forward as we all try to figure out this new health crisis that COVID-19 is presenting. I am not a doctor, nor pretend to have vast medical knowledge, but I do happen to have some common sense (I bet my family is laughing at this statement!). Hoarding basic household goods is not the way to live your life. Stocking up on sensible rations is smart and having food and basic necessities are important. It’s much like thinking forward when an upcoming blizzard is heading towards the Prairie. This health situation might take longer than a 3-day snowstorm, but I feel like there is no reason to panic. Be mindful and think through your individual situation and needs. Be informed from legit sources.

As many of us prepare for a new normal for the next week or so, take some opportunities to just slow down. Since you might be stuck in the home together, why not make date nights or family nights? Do you have the whole day together – maybe the date night is now a date morning? has several fun ideas to help pass the time, and many of these ideas can be adapted for family time activities. Go ahead and Google “date night at home” or “family time at home” for more ideas. There are hundreds of articles out there.

Before I sign off, I do want to share this soup recipe. We have had loads of success sharing this meal with friends over the past few months. It’s easy, delicious and super versatile! One weekend we made it with friends, then a few days later I decided to remake this soup using what was in the freezer, which happened to be frozen kale and turkey meat balls.

And with that my, Thrifty Sisters, have a great week! I’m going to start going through my seed packets and begin my garden planning with some of my newly acquired free time today. Allow mindfulness and perspective to help guide you through your days. Enjoy the new soup recipe – and you’re welcome (it’s that good!). Keep washing your hands, and don’t lick people (it’s pretty solid advice all around, really). Until next time, be kind to yourself and others and keep on keepin’ it thrifty and fun.

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