Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 9, Issue 17 – March 5, 2017

Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 9, Issue 17 – March 5, 2017

Greetings, Thrifty Sisters, and Happy March! Did March come in like a lion or a lamb in your area? Spring is on it’s way, and I could not be happier to watch the upcoming change of seasons occur. It’s still a little early to get to toodle around in the garden, but yesterday I went out to pick up a few items that had been knocked over, and some fallen limbs. It felt so nice to be in my yard again, and to see little plants starting to wake up.

I sadly must report that there has been no time to spout anything, or start forcing tulip bulbs (no matter which method one chooses to start them!).  But I do need to run to the hardware store today and pick up some basic items (like furnace filters), and I am fully intending on swinging through the seed department and looking at what type of bulbs they have on hand. I feel like today is my day for some awesome early gardening.

Do you know what I miss the most, right now? Fresh basil.  Wouldn’t a little pot of basil be splendid to start?! Ha – I’ll put that on my early spring garden wish list. But seriously, doesn’t that just sound amazing?!  Has anyone tried overwintering basil from previous years?  Hmm … my head is already whirling around with grand garden thoughts!

While I continue to day dream about upcoming garden grandeurs, I’m going to post this list of 12 items that one can make, rather than buy. There is a treasure trove of ideas on how to make seed starting pots, your own brown sugar, cold brewed coffee, disinfecting wipes, granola, cleaning spray, and more!

Are you still struggling with wrapping your head around spring cleaning? Try a few of these 15 tricks to help you maintain your already clean spaces, and save time with some of our other daily little mishaps:

Need help getting rid of some of the extras that accumulate in the fridge? I love versatile recipes, and this link gives you 20 recipes that can work with what you may already have hanging out in the fridge and cupboards, and help spark some ideas on how to utilize the food you already have, rather than allow it to rot and need to be tossed out. Or maybe some of these recipes will be the spark for creating this week’s meal menu!

Last week I had posted a link to some soup recipes from and one of the recipes was a pizza soup. I went back to the site, and discovered that the ingredient list would not pass the picky test for our son, but I checked out some other pizza soup recipes and ran across this delicious, and versatile recipe. Instead of the ½ lb hamburger and ½ cup pepperoni, I substituted a pound of turkey sausage, and I used a whole 10 oz bag of tortellini instead of ravioli. We had some delicious and hearty lunches last week! Check out the link, and read some of the suggestions that others had used in their substitutions on the bottom.

And with that, my Thrifty Sisters, may you have a wonderful week. Enjoy every day. Consider trying to make at least one new item and clean one spot in your home, and have fun getting thrifty in your fridge! Waste not, want not, and be thankful for the full belly you could provide for yourself. Until next week, when we change our clocks forward, keep on keepin’ it thrifty and fun!

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