Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 9, Issue 9 – November 13, 2016

Greetings, Thrifty Sisters! We are well into the season of Thanksgiving and gratitude and I certainly hope that you have been able to give yourself a break and give gratitude to yourself, for all of your daily hard work and improvements that you are making in this world.

Sometimes it is hard to find things to be grateful about.  Maybe you are under financial stress, or have loved ones who are terribly ill, or you are struggling to find a moment to just, well, “take a moment”. There are billion reasons we are incredibly tough on ourselves, and it feels like the world around us is not helping. And then, there are those hurt feelings. And even worse, the hurt feelings that one may have caused to others.

In our current society, we have experienced a lot of divisiveness that goes well past the political arena and spills into our daily lives.  Sometimes it is from random people – snippy or negligent clerks at stores, inconsiderate drivers, rude people in lines, etc.  And sometimes, we cause that pain.  And you know what, it is totally cool to apologize for your unkind behavior.  It is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength. In fact, I make mistakes every day that I need to backtrack and apologize for. And I am SO thankful that I have the courage to do so. It’s hard to swallow that pill, but I can promise you that once you start showing a little compassion, it is contagious, and it will spread.

I’m including a short article about how to apologize, and it’s worth the read, but I am also listing the 5 highlighted points for your consideration. By no means is this an extensive list, but it sure is a good starting point. And if you are truly not sorry, then say you are not sorry.  At least you are being honest.

  1. Actually say the words “I’m sorry”
  2. Empathize with the other person
  3. Learn the apology languages
  4. Don’t undo your apology with passive aggression
  5. Don’t apologize when it’s not necessary

Last week I shared a tip about how to stop the madness in unnecessary waste heading from our home to the landfill.  Another item to consider either reducing, or eliminating all together, would be processed foods. Gasp!  What?!?!  I hear you, because, I too, fall in the convenience black hole of certain pre-made food items.  There are only 24 hours in a day and some days one just has enough time to make a minute’s worth of pizza rolls and call that lunch as you run out to the car with your plate in hand.  Talk about fast food! Unfortunately, most things that are heavily packaged are processed. Not only is the packaging wasteful, but processed foods are less healthy than their plastic-free counterparts. Consider filling your grocery cart with wholesome foods like fruits, veggies, bulk items, and supplement with a few of your favorite treats, and try to recycle as much of the packaging as you can.

Possibly you are ready to branch out and try making your own condiments – and they would look so cute stored in a mason jar in your fridge! Besides, that pernickety ketchup bottle is always more trouble than it’s worth!  There are tons of great recipes out there on homemade condiments, just Google it! But here’s one site for your convenience.  You are welcome!

Maybe making your own condiments is not on your to-do list for this week.  How about some cute, crafty ideas on fall decorations that would be fun for you and the kids to do? Seriously, there are some super cute ideas, and it may even spark some creative handmade Christmas gift ideas!

And here is the “let’s try it” recipe of the week:

Well, my Thrifty Sisters, it is time to close on another post.  The sun is out, the wind is light, and I need to take advantage of the GORGEOUS fall weather!  The forecast for my neighborhood has some cooler, wetter weather by next weekend, and I am going to whirl my mower around for possibly the last round this year, and finish some of the garden clean-up that I have procrastinated on. May you find opportunities to express gratitude and heart felt apologies this week. Good luck cracking down on your load to the landfill, and enjoy some new recipes or crafty projects this week. And, as always, keep on keepin’ it thrifty and fun!

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