Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 9, Issue 8 – November 6, 2016

Greetings Thrifty Sisters, and Happy November! I hope that you had a lovely end of October and each of you could make some outstanding memories this past week. We have been fortunate to be able to share good times and good food with some dear friends and family this past week.

With the election occurring this week, I think this would be a great time to remind each of us to take a moment to find gratitude in our daily lives, today and every day.  Often, gratitude is not shown enough throughout the year, and then we suddenly remember that we “should” (guilty word!) feel thankful around the Thanksgiving Season.

I know that I have spoken about the importance of gratitude, and how we need to express this each day. Often we hear from people that they do not tell their loved ones that they loved and appreciated them until it is too late. Let’s live every day with a little more gratitude and reap the benefits of a healthier life, and happier people around you. And, I’m not making this up – it’s a documented habit that can change not only our world, but others as well.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I bet some of you are already have your list and are checking it twice for the big day! Check out this article about some sweet time saving tricks while you are prepping for that family gathering.  I love these little “hack” tips!

And with the big meal prep looming in the next couple of weeks (yikes, I just looked at the calendar!), let’s also start planning on how to reduce our amount of waste that will wind up in our landfills, as well as saving some cash-o-la! One way to help, is to stop buying single-serving items. Items that are individually wrapped or bottled are not only more expensive per unit than bulk items, but they create more waste as well. So, if you were looking for that excuse to use your growler, instead of buying that 6 pack of beer, this would be your perfect opportunity!

Speaking of perfect opportunities, I found this neat-o gift idea for the craft beer or “fancy” soda pop bottle person in your life. If you have mad wood working skills, check this link out.  And if you have access to reclaimed wood, this would even be more awesome!

Just this past week, we had the opportunity to try a new recipe, and create some fond memories with our dear friends Nanke and Tanya. I have also learned that I have been missing out on the grand wonders of the squash world. Since I wanted to make 2 dishes – one with chicken thighs and the other with chicken legs, I changed the amount of maple syrup and mustard to a half cup each and coated the chicken before adding it to the top of the dish.  I also added potatoes instead of the zucchini, and boy, was this a perfect fall meal!

And there you have it, my Thrifty Sisters!  It’s time to be grateful, and to keep sharing it with others around you, as well as be solid role models. It’s time to think about how much we “consume” and if we can make changes to lighten our load to the landfill. Enjoy the new recipe idea, and the kitchen hacks that can go well beyond the holiday meals. And remember to vote, if you have not already! And let’s also remember that we are all in this together, no matter what the outcome is.  We need to stop the hate and begin to stand together in unity. And, lastly, I am thankful for you!  Thank you for being YOU! Until next time, keep on keepin’ it thrifty and fun!

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