Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 9, Issue 5 – October 9, 2016

Greetings, Thrifty Sisters! I hope that you have all been enjoying the fall weather and have had some opportunities to get to be outside and enjoy these dwindling days.  Even though the sun is going to bed earlier and the morning temps are getting lower, we certainly have some beautiful weather to enjoy!

This past week my neighborhood was in frost advisories.  While we didn’t get a killing freeze like some of the northern spots in South Dakota, I was found picking the biggest green tomatoes and bringing in several dozen tomatillos, hoping to save something from the potential freeze.

Earlier this spring I tried planting tomatillos.  It was a whim.  Something that I saw at the garden center, and had instant dreams of Salsa Verde. I bought one plant, came home and did some research, since I had no idea of what I was doing with tomatillos! Then I read that one needs 2 or more plants to pollinate, so the next day I went back and purchased a companion tomatillo and 2 more tomato cages.  Into the ground they went, and my tomatillo adventure began.  It took forever for the first fruits to arrive, looking like little lanterns on their green vines.  I patiently waited for their husks to fill out, and for a while I was able to keep count of how many lanterns I had swaying in the garden.  I had read that they were very productive, and then one day it seemed like there were oodles of them!  All sorts of sizes of those cute little lanterns.  The growing fruits in their little lantern husks were certainly fun to watch this past summer!

And now I have a box of them in my kitchen, and more on the growing vines, as there seems like no major damage was done with our recent cold mornings.  And I just can’t be any more excited! So what does one do with all those super cute tomatillos?  Make salsa, of course!  And “green sauce” is another intriguing recipe that I would like to can up this fall and use on tacos and enchiladas. There are lots of salsa varieties to choose from, but one of these chilly autumn days I am going to make this roasted recipe:

Here is a nifty list of 15 recipes to use your tomatillos with: … Did you know that you can make cocktails with tomatillos?!?!  These little gems just keep getting more exciting!

Maybe you are looking for a more traditional (or not so traditional) comfort food. Dumplings, anyone?  I was amazed to read how worldwide dumplings are, and they go by so many different names!  Huh, who knew?  (well, obviously not me!) Visit this link for 26 ideas and recipes to accommodate your dumpling urges:

With fall in the air, some of you might be thinking that it’s time to do one more big clean before the holidays are upon us.  While sorting and rearranging and cleaning, consider adding Hydrogen Peroxide to your arsenal of friendly cleaning products.  I have been using Hydrogen Peroxide for laundry for years.  I toss it in my kitchen loads, and have clean, disinfected, fresh smelling wash rags, towels and napkins ever since, with no bleach spots! Then I started using it in my water fountain this past summer.  About a quarter of a jug once every 5 or 6 weeks has kept my little garden fountain clean, and it has not harmed the fountain visitors. But there are a lot more uses this little brown jug can serve around the home!  For 34 uses of Hydrogen Peroxide go here:

And with that, my Thrifty Sisters, may you have a wonderful day!  Enjoy having the opportunity to preserve and save the goodness of summer, and savor these days with good times, good friends and good foods! Good luck if you are tackling fall clean up and fix up projects, and check out the joys of Hydrogen Peroxide – did I mention how cheap that stuff is?! And until next time, keep on keepin’ it thrifty and fun!



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