Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 9, Issue 3 – July 31, 2016

Greetings, Thrifty Sisters!  I hope that you are all doing well and have had a chance to enjoy family gatherings, outings with friends, and partake in local events.  I hope that this past week provided opportunities for creative outlets for each of you.

Today I want to talk about gratitude. The simple definition, according to the Merriam Webster online Dictionary is, “a feeling of appreciation or thanks.” I have so much to be grateful for. These past weeks have been full of opportunities to reflect on reasons I can feel thankful, as well as interesting stories that I have been hearing from others on how gratitude plays in their life. Ironically, it is so much easier to see the negatives rather than the positives in various situations.

One such story that I hear over and over is how a couple is going to sell their house, but need to make improvements, in order to make their home “marketable”. Now that these individuals have made the improvements, or even minor fixes, they say that their home is “perfect”, just in time for the realtor to put the for sale sign out. This makes me so sad to hear.

Why do we choose to allow the small things pile up and be annoyances, in a place that should be our relief? Time, money, obligations to others, obligations to our careers – these are certainly only a few factors that contribute to the ease of procrastinating the annoyances. So when are you going to make the place that you plan on creating roots become your Solace Palace? Please don’t wait until you have to move to make the changes you want – the changes that could exponentially make your life better, or at least happier.

This seems like a pretty deep discussion!  Yes, changes can be made to physical structures, as well as personal walls and feelings. Is it easy? No, but neither are certain home improvements.  Time, money, you know, all of the reasons we haven’t made those changes to begin with are also part of the reason that many of us don’t allow ourselves to be fully happy.

But we can be thankful. We can show gratitude to others. By changing our outlook on gratitude, we can change a whole lot around us, and actually become happier individuals, and happier individuals become more productive individuals. If we work on our inner walls, maybe we can find that time and money to spend within our home walls, creating that Solace Palace. With no guilt.

I’m not making this up – gratitude can lead to good things! Just Google how gratitude could changes things – I dare you!  Here are 2 links that I thought were interesting:

So, even though this summer has been a challenge on the pocket book, I have a long list of things to be grateful for. I am grateful that my hubby cares about me and has my back.  I am grateful that our son is healthy and happy. I am thankful for family and friends. I am thankful for our incredible neighbors. I am super appreciative that the plumbers are coming and will be replacing all the corroded, leaky faucets and taking out our dumb garage disposal (and I get that little spray nozzle that I have always wanted!). I am grateful for gardening friends who are willing to share flowers with me. I am grateful for my yard, a place that I can escape to and just dig when I need to vent out frustration.  (Have you noticed the new garden bed that is happening in the backyard… yes, I needed that opportunity this week.)

And lastly, I’m incredibly thankful that my family is healthy enough to tough out these next couple of days.  We live on the prairie, and I am just floored by the fact that we have had several “still” days and nights. Our AC unit is out of commission. I’m grateful for all of the past years of research on how to keep one’s home cool and save on energy.  We are certainly conserving energy!! Although, I am also noticing that when one only has north and south windows, it is really tough to create a cross draft! And did I mention my gratitude towards my neighbor who was able to get us into his repair schedule? One can’t shop more local than from the guy next door! If you need the name and number of a good heating and cooling company, let me know.

Be grateful. Express gratitude to others. It’s something that takes practice. Some days are just “too much”, but I am grateful that I have people in my life who can help me through those days.

And with that, my Thrifty Sisters, let’s go make lemonade!


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