Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 8, Issue 6 – January 17, 2016

Greetings, Thrifty Sisters! I hope that for those of you in this artic blast you are staying warm and cozy today. How many of you decided to join me in a quest to be nicer to yourself this past week? Although my work load didn’t change, and there were certainly a few challenges that popped up, I really tried to give myself a bit of a break. I took a short nap last Sunday (you have no idea how monumentally huge that was for me!) and yesterday I gave myself a couple hours of quiet time, to just flip through magazines and add ideas to my craft journal. I realize that this does not sound like a big deal to most individuals, but I actually took the time to just sit, and idly spend a couple of hours. And it was divine.

Are you looking for ways to become nicer to yourself? In the following short article, the title suggests ways of becoming more creative, but I feel that these suggestions can also be a good guideline to just becoming nicer to yourself. Giving yourself time to journal, take a walk, unplugging from all of our gadgets, scheduling some time for yourself, and encouraging one to try new activities or hobbies are a few of the suggestions this article offered. And, if you become more creative in the process, you could consider that a landslide victory towards being nice to yourself! Read the short article here:

Speaking of sparking the creative juices – check out these following blogs for some really awesome upcycling, new-to-you ideas on how to revamp your wardrobe, or thrift store finds. Thank you, Johnny, for sharing these web sites! She joked in her email that all of these things that are super-hot and trendy right now were exactly the thing that she was made fun of for, during her middle school years. Apparently, Johnny, you had no idea how far ahead of the game you were!!

With Winter in full swing, and the days are ever so slowly getting longer, I can almost hear Spring calling my name! And I’m pretty sure that my garden is crying for help! Is it too late to take a blankie out there and tuck in my garden plot? I fully realize that March is just a few short weeks away, but how do I tame that gardening urge? Oh, how I long for a fresh anything from my backyard garden! Sure, I brought in a few things from the garden – my Rosemary, mint, a few flowers to overwinter. They are really nice and all, but I have that urge to get my hands dirty and accidentally track mud through the house.

Since the reality is that my garden in not going to be sprouting anything in the next few weeks (did you hear that we had close to -40 degree wind chills this morning? Sprouting is not happening here right now!) there are a few fun things that you can do inside while you wait for Old Man Winter to melt.

Do you miss fresh greens? Visit this page for tips on growing 9 edible greens right in your home:

Garlic, anyone?

How about a pineapple? (My hubby and I actually looked this up a few months ago and it was SO interesting! I thought that pineapples grew on trees… what a silly Prairie Grrl I am!)

Maybe indoor gardening is not on your to-do list. Maybe you need to wrangle in the small troops during these blustery days… sounds like a perfect time to break out the Flubber recipe! Do you remember the 90’s movie with Robin Williams? Now you can be your own mad scientists! It sure sounds like a great afternoon – watch the movie and make your own Flubber!

However you choose to spend this next week, make sure that you are being nice to yourself, and others around you. Continue to recycle, upcycle and be thrifty and creative. And with that, my Thrifty Sisters, stay warm and happy! Until next time keep on keeping it thrifty and fun!





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