Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 7, Issue 4 – September 7, 2014

Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 7, Issue 4 – September 7, 2014

My goodness, where has the summer flown off too? I can hardly believe that the last newsletter was written in July! I have heard many individuals express how fast summer has flown by! I hope that all of you Thrifty Sisters have been having a wonderful summer, full of summer goodness and time with family and friends and making some colossal memories!

For some of us, the weather is telling us it is time to think about swapping those tank tops for sweatshirts. With the change is weather, now is a great opportunity to revisit what has been hanging in our closets and packed away in our dressers. Did you do the hanger trick at the beginning of summer? Do you see that there are a few items where the hanger is still hanging backwards? Sounds like a donation item to me! Did you forget to hang your hangers backwards so you can see what you wore and what you didn’t? Have no fear! It is never too late! Let today be your chance to see what you wear and what you don’t.

Just this week and I had to let a very loved and well worn t-shirt head to the trash bin. This t-shirt is older than my son, and is riddled with holes (the ink is probably the only thing holding the fabric together). There was just very little salvaging my Jane’s Addiction t-shirt. It is a complete miracle that it has just not disintegrated right off my torso. Ah, but the memories! The places this t-shirt has gone. If that t-shirt could talk… well, maybe it is best that this shirt can’t talk! Oh, but, the fun that we had together! I literally felt remorse putting this shirt in the garbage bin. The fabric on this shirt was so thin it really would not have been beneficial in the garden acting as a weed barrier. I really gave thought on how I could re-purpose it, though.

Sometimes one needs to just let go of material objects (no pun intended!). But what about those stacks and stacks of t-shirts that can still be transformed into something wonderful? Check out these ideas for future projects, and feel good about cleaning out that drawer so you can add new memories.

T-shirt quilts or blankets:
I love this idea. Even for those of us who are not quilters (or sewers!), this tutorial will help one create perfect shirt squares that can be sewn together and consider adding a fleece backing – no quilting required.

Maybe you have t shirts that don’t have rad designs but the faberic is still useful. This link shows us how to make a braided rug! This is one project that is on my to do list!

Tank tops, anyone? Kim posted this on her facebook page, but it is such a great idea that it needed to be re shared.

Are you ready for the mother load of t-shirt ideas? Try Pintrest:

Now that your head is swimming with the possibilities of t-shirt projects, and the new fire has been set to clean out the wardrobe, I am sure that you are going to work up an appetite. If you are looking for some new kale recipes try out this link that sports 14 kale inspired recipes. Included is the ever favorite kale chips recipe (oh, yummy! I find kale chips dangerous. I just can’t stop eating them!). In this link you will find fresh kale and cooked kale recipes – some of these recipes may help us transition into that autumn cooking, including soups and hot dishes.

14 kale recipes:

And with that my Thrifty Sisters, may you have a wonderful week! Enjoy new t shirt recreations, enjoy the opportunity to clear out space in your drawers and closets, enjoy the kale, and enjoy each and every day!

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