Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 7, Issue 2 – July 6, 2014

Many, many Happy 4th of the July wishes to all of you Thrifty Sisters! I hope that you all enjoyed some fantastic times with friends and family over this past holiday weekend.

With all of the food and fun that may have happened over the weekend, it is very possible that some of you will find yourself with some extra leftovers. Personally, I love having leftovers. They are perfect for single lunches or the clean-the-fridge-out type of meals (think buffet table for the family) or the ever-popular fend-for-yourself meals.

Just this past week we had a lovely family gathering and my Mother-In- Law, Dottie, was talking about tortilla wraps. Oh, yummy, how I love a nice fresh wrap! However, those little feller’s can get stale in a hurry. Have no fear – you can freshen them up in a jiffy in your microwave. My microwave can warm up and soften up a few shells in 10 seconds. Add a damp paper towel to the top of a stack, and you will never know that your shells have been sitting lonely on a shelf.

Now that one has a lovely stack of shells, what to do… what to do? Do you have a left over green salad? Maybe some left over grilled veggies? Possibly some left over grilled meats (I know, what is THAT, right?! Someone might have left over grilled meats, but not in our home!) Top any of the previous left over suggestions with a bit of salsa or ranch dressing and some shredded cheese and whalla! Lunch. On a freshly softened shell.

Do you happen to have just a small amount of berries left over from the 4th, but not sure what to do with them? Yeah, I don’t have that problem, either, but in case someone does – check out this great idea of how to make a tiny batch of jam out of berries. This actually sounds like it would be a great way for me to try making jam.

A Thimbleful of Jam:

Rinse the raspberries and pick them over for any moldy bits. Tumble them into a measuring cup and smash them. Once you have pulp, eyeball the measurement and add half as much sugar (I got about 2/3 cup of mashed berries and so added 1/3 cup sugar). Stir to combine. Scrape the sweetened fruit into a small saucepan and cook until it thickens (my batch took all of five minutes). (Find the full article here: )

Maybe you have a collection of veggies that you are not quite sure what to do with? Try grilling them… and then adding them to your freshly softened tortilla shells!

Do you happen to have left over cranberries in your freezer from last Christmas? I do. This dish sounds just too incredible not to try it!

Oh boy – Frozen Treats! How about a neat-o link for making homemade popsicles?! Do you remember making these as a kid? I do! We used to freeze all sorts of things in ice cube trays, using toothpicks as the handle, and saran wrap to hold the toothpick in place until they froze. This link takes popsicle making to the next level!

Wowzers! Snacks and meals and all sorts of goodies today! Do you have some favorite way to whip up leftovers or summer delights that are too good not to share? Send them my way!

Speaking of ideas too good not to share, my friend Chris pinned this earlier today, and these are great ideas! Some of these ideas have been shared throughout the past 6 years, but some of these are new to me, and are just downright brilliant.

And there you have it, my Thrifty Sisters! Time to renew the idea of left-overs and have some fun with it! Keep on keepin’ it thrifty!!


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