Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 6, Issue 23 – March 30, 2014

Greetings Thrifty Sisters! My goodness, where has March marched off to? April is just around the corner, and that means that spring is really on it’s way. I need to keep telling myself this since the weather in my neighborhood is not very springy yet. But, that’s ok. It’s time to think of these silly April snow storms as white April showers, and we all know what April showers bring… May flowers! (I hope).

While dreaming of spring gardening adventures take time to consider some of the wildlife or birds that you would like to attract to your gardens. I am fascinated with hummingbirds. I usually see a few in the late summer when my cannas are in bloom. In fact, I usually hear them before I see them. What amazing little birds. Someday I am going to capture their visit with my camera.

While I wistfully await their arrival and snow’s departure, my garden daydreams may start to wander towards how to attract these marvelous little feathered friends. Maybe a water feature? How about some new plants to attract them? Hmmm… what does attract hummingbirds? After some quick research, it appears that brightly colored plants with long tubular blooms are the trick. Hmmm… that explains the cannas.

If you would like to read more about attracting hummingbirds, try the following web sites. Meanwhile I am going to start memorizing the list of suggested plants so I can locate a few of these (maybe a trumpet vine!) this spring when I am scouring the garden centers for hummingbird friendly plants.

Do you remember the old adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Apparently, this is still true and very relevant for heart health. In fact, do a Google search for “an apple a day heart benefits” and see the host of articles that are out there. I pulled out one article in particular that I thought was worth sharing.

After reading on how an apple a day DOES keep the doctor away, I was inspired to find some heart healthy apple based recipes. Here are two web sites that have a nice collection of apple recipes just waiting to help you and your heart out!

This site has a downloadable dessert recipe collection for heart healthy minded individuals:

This site has a collection of eight recipes that will take you from breakfast to supper:

Do you happen to have the crafty itch? Time to rethink how to reuse the items that we are discarding! Check out these clever web sites:

How to reuse food packaging

How to reuse packaging with safety in mind

It looks like I can go on and on today… There is just so much good information to share out there! Here’s one last web site to help all of you who are not sure if their paper cartons are recyclable or not. As always, check with your local recycling provider, but according to this web site, cartons are recyclable!

And there you have it my Thrifty Sisters! What a day! Heart health, humming bird gardening, how to reuse our recyclables, and possibly new ideas on what one can recycle! Wow! I hope that today’s newsletter has inspired you in some way. I am off to study hummingbird lists and daydream, before the reality of life starts to sink in for the day – you know, life questions like will we have enough underwear to put off laundry for another day? Have a fantastic week and embrace the new month! Happy April to each of you as you keep on keeping it thrifty!


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