Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 6, Issue 22 – March 23, 2014

Greetings Thrifty Sisters, and Happy Spring to each of you.  I hope that you were able to enjoy the Spring Holiday this past week.

For those of you who know me, it is Schmeckfest time.  Although the evenings have been full of rehearsals, reconnecting with dear friends and enjoying the Freeman area have been the highlights of my week.  If you are not familiar with Schmeckfest, please feel free to visit their web site ( ) and check it out.  This year both my hubby and I have been playing in the musical, “Children of Eden”.

Last night, Mariell came down to say hello, and we had such a charming visit. Then I noticed the beautiful jewelry that she was wearing… and yes, the bracelet was a former fork!  Wow!  Her fork bracelet was very elegant with a stone wrapped in the tines.  My goodness, silverware jewelry has come a long ways since I was a kid!  For an example of what I am talking about, you can do a quick Google search for fork bracelts, or visit this random etsy site that I found:

And random “new to you” jewelry supplies are just WAITING for all of us at Thrift Stores. I love to go thrifting at the local thrift stores. If you have the time and the patience, thrifting can save you cash, and talk about the perfect way to reuse something.

Now, I do want individuals to be cautious, as Thrifting can be very fun, but it sure can fill up your closet and cupboard spaces!  Try the rule of bringing in one item, take out an item.  In fact, on your next visit to your favorite thrift store, you can actually take a load to donate!

Whether you are new to thrifting, or have honed this skill to a fine art, I invite you to read these articles about thrift store shopping.  There are some great reminders and ideas in these articles, and if you are DIY’er, the second article is perfect for you!

Recently I had someone ask if I knew of premade “DIY” style laundry soaps that one could purchase.  Oh boy… ask and yea shall receive!  I stumbled across a neat and short article that should fit the bill very nicely. Whether you are looking to purchase a homemade type detergent, or are curious about other soap ideas or recipes, this would be a worthy site to visit.

With spring, and spring-cleaning on the mind, I am sure that many of you are thinking forward to home improvements. I know that I have some large projects on the docket for this year.  Take time to view this clever graphic that helps you improve your home in 10 minutes.  Sigh, if only, right?  However, there are some fantastic and sound ideas on this site!

And there you have it, my Thrifty Sisters!  May you enjoy the delicious idea of creating some gorgeous silverware jewelry, enjoy either donating or purchasing items from your local thrift stores, creating new DIY projects, including laundry soaps, and feel inspired to do some home improvements! Have a happy week, my Sisters and keep on keepin’ it thrifty!


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