Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 6, Issue 21 – March 16, 2014

My, oh my, where does the time go?  I can’t believe that it has been almost a month since I have written my last Thrifty Sister.  Greetings to each of you and I hope that your past month has been chuck full of wonderful moments and time spent with loved ones.

St. Patrick’s Day is almost upon us, and the official First Day of Spring is on Thursday of this coming week. I am not sure which “holiday” I am more excited about!  After this past winter, I feel that the First Day of Spring needs to be a holiday!  We have made it, folks.  Spring has arrived and whatever Old Man Winter has to throw our way, we can handle it.

With St. Patty’s Day looming in our near future, I thought that this delightful cupcake recipe would be in order. Last year when my hubby and I had the chance to visit Ireland, our tour brought us to the place that lays claim to having originated the Irish Coffee recipe. Just thinking of how delightful this dessert might be brings back fond travel memories. As usual, thanks to Martha for this dessert recipe:

Are you a gadget person?  Some people really love gadgets.  However, I am sure that many of us often wonder if they will actually do as they claim.  This article compiles 6 energy saving gadgets that will help cut energy waste in your home – sort of like the consumer reports for the eco-friendly!

Gadgets are fun, and sometimes can be useful, but I also encourage one to look around their home and find little things that maybe you have stock piled – ask yourself if these items can be repurposed for anything?  This is a fantastic opportunity to exercise your creative skills and think outside of the box! But, if you are not struck with creative inspiration by that handful of chopsticks that you have collected over the years, try your techie skills and log on to Pinterest, or check out this site:

Speaking of repurposing, since spring is coming, I am sure that many of you are either in full spring-cleaning mode, or are considering what one wants to do in their spring cleaning flurry. As one contemplates/ does their spring-cleaning, consider how one can either fix up or spruce up elements in their home.  One does not need to spend exorbitant amounts of money to freshen up a space in their home. For some inspiration, check out these very clever painting projects from Martha:

If you are feeling like I am and want to be outside, here is a quick read about square foot gardening.  Since I am sure that my garden ground is still frozen, this will at least allow me to daydream about how glorious the garden will be this coming spring, as I wait for the earth to warm up.

Ah, yes… spring is in the air, and boy, I’ve got the itch!  I hope that each of you have a lovely St. Patty’s day, and can enjoy the First Day of Spring Holiday. I would love to hear what each of you plan to do to clean up, garden up, or freshen up this coming spring. I am also sure that many of you have little tricks that would be handy to share with the rest of the sisters!  Until next time, keep on keeping it thrifty!


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