Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 6, Issue 14 – November 3, 2013

Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 6, Issue 14 – November 3, 2013

Greetings, Thrifty Sisters!  I hope everyone remembered to set their clocks BACK an hour last night!  I think “fall back” is much better then “spring forward”!

Last week I continued to plug the benefits and surprising uses of olive oil, as well as shared a couple of “don’ts” about vinegar. Although, Sue reminded me that coconut oil has some amazing benefits that we should consider, as well!  I still have coconut oil listed on my “things to buy list” – I can’t wait to try it as a hair moisturizer and experiment with it in my soap, lip balm and lotion recipes.

Besides having some impressive health benefits, coconut oil provides many surprising uses, as well! If you were intrigued by the olive oil uses, you really need to check out the uses of coconut oil! Do any of you Thrifty Sisters already use coconut oil for anything?  If so, please share!

This is a quick view (ten tips) on coconut oil uses – including bug repellant, deodorant options, toothpaste recipe and make up remover ideas:

Here is another quick view, boasting 14 different way to use coconut oil outside of the kitchen – and this article does some myth debunking!  A very interestesting read…

Still not enough ideas on how to use coconut oil?  Try this 101 uses list!

So, what I am learning is oils are good… well, good oils are good, for many things.  I WOULD NOT recommend layering on the crisco – unless you are looking for that clogged pore type of look. Although, check out this next article that came in my email box over the week – I think it is perfectly timed and a great share about more oils that one can use in and out of the kitchen!

Every year it seems like the holiday craziness falls in around me and while I am pulling out turkey and whipping up mashed potatoes I realize that I have not set the table, nor found that “grand” centerpiece for the day!  Yikes!  Talk about a mini panic attack waiting to happen. Stop the insanity!!! Let’s think outside the box on this one… is Thanksgiving the only day in November that deserves a nice center piece or pretty harvest themed decorations?

No – each and every day is a deserving and lovely day.  Consider spicing up your fall kitchen with these simple and elegant harvest themed ideas.  And don’t feel as if the dinning table is your only decorative space – what about that kitchen island that serves as the family gathering space – make that pretty and functional, as well!  Check out these super easy and fast ways to make your November kitchen festive all month long – and say good bye to last minute decoration problems!

And finally, let me leave with one last thought. I am sure that many of you are beginning to realize that the holiday season is quickly sneeking in upon us. For many, it is time to consider some holiday shopping, and during holiday shopping one may see their puchase of batteries increase.  Please consider purchasing rechargeable batteries – they make great stocking stuffers for those eco minded young ones!  Every year, Americans purchase billions of batteries, and many of these are still single-use batteries. After all, it’s just a pack of batteries every now and then, what’s the problem, right? As we try to shift from a disposable to a reusable world, please know that every little bit helps! (AND you can recycle your rechargeable batteries!)

And with that my Thrifty Sisters, may you have a lovely celebration on your many harvests this month!




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