Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 6, Issue 12 – October 20, 2013

Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 6, Issue 12 – October 20, 2013

Greetings, Thrifty Sisters!  I hope that you each of you enjoyed a lovely week walking down memory lane and remembering the frugal things that your grandparents did, and had fun incorporating those things into your lives!

My hubby shared a thrifty memory one evening this past week while making supper.  He said that when he was a little boy his mom would take left over buns, of any sort, toast them up in the oven and serve them in place of dinner rolls at the next meal.  Sean even took it to the next level and used some left over marinara sauce and shredded cheese to make hot dog bun sized “fancy” dinner rolls. One could also use that exact recipe for a nice snack for the kids – little mini snack pizzas!

Was anyone else able to come up with any good ol’ memories to share?

I ran across this article about uses of olive oil that I wanted to share with you. There are some great little tid-bits on things from cleaning make-up off your face to polishing your furniture – I know that I learned a couple of new tricks from this list!

“10 Unusual Uses for Olive Oil” by Becky Striepe, November 8, 2011

Olive oil is a “healthy fat” and in moderation can help reduce your risk for all sorts of ailments, like heart disease and high blood pressure. We know that olive oil is healthy for our insides, but did you know it has all sorts of other uses for you, around the home, and even for pets?

1. Make your own sugar scrub: You can use olive oil to create a moisturizing, exfoliating sugar scrub that’s great for soothing dry winter skin. Just mix up sugar with enough olive oil to form a paste, add scent with your favorite essential oils, and you’re ready to rock. Massage the sugar scrub into your skin in the shower or bath.

2. Moisturize your hands and feet: To give those dry hands and feet some extra TLC this winter, massage a small amount of olive oil into your skin after you take a bath or shower. Put on socks and gloves afterward to help that moisture absorb into your skin. You’ll notice results almost immediately!

3. Oiling your hair: Oiling your hair is a practice that’s been around for centuries. While some tutorials call for coconut oil to oil your hair, olive oil works just as well. Just put a few drops of olive oil onto your hands, massage into your scalp, then brush or comb to distribute the oil evenly. Let it sit for about an hour, then wash the excess oil away with your favorite non-toxic shampoo.

4. Hairball prevention for cats: Even your cats can benefit from olive oil! Depending on your cat’s size, feed her 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of olive oil to help prevent hairballs. The olive oil will help their coats look shinier, too!

5. Unsticking a zipper: Ever gone to take off your boots, only to discover that the zipper is stuck? Free yourself by dabbing a bit of olive oil onto the zipper’s teeth to help it slide along smoothly. Remember: a little oil goes a long way.

6. Makeup remover: Store bought makeup removers and cold creams are often loaded with toxic mystery ingredients. You can skip the polysyllabic guessing game with olive oil instead. Use a warm, damp wash cloth or a cotton ball with a couple of drops of olive oil to remove makeup and moisturize your face at the same time.

7. Soothe a sunburn: You don’t want to put oil onto your skin the day that you notice a burn, but start moisturizing with olive oil a day or two later to help prevent peeling and heal your damaged skin.

8. Treat a dry scalp: Forget the Head and Shoulders, which is full of mystery ingredients! Massage a small amount of olive oil into your scalp to moisturize and fight those flakes.

9. Revitalize wood furniture: Whip up a mixture that’s 2 parts olive oil to 1 part lemon juice. Put a small amount of oil on a soft cloth, and wipe down your wood furniture. It will keep the wood from drying out and help hide small nicks and scratches.

10. Wash your face: Washing your face with oil may sound counter-intuitive, but many green beauty gurus swear by the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM).

I bet this only scratches the surface of olive oil’s many uses. How do you use olive oil when you’re not cooking with it?

There were some great ideas in that article, don’t you think?

Last weekend I had the lovely opportunity to peel and freeze away some of the most delicious apples ever given to me!  (Thanks, Paige!!!  Those apples were perfect!!) It was a nice, sun filled warm afternoon, and quiet… something that is a rarity in this home.  I just peeled and sliced apples for a long time.  I was able to freeze up over 16 cups of sliced and peeled apples.  While peeling away, I was checking out some nifty ideas of what to do with apples and I ran across canning apple filling!  Oh, yes – apple filling in a jar, that could live in my pantry and be at my beck and call throughout the upcoming winter season!  Oh… super yum!

Of course, with any recipe, there seemed to be inconsistencies if you should use Clear Jel (oh dear… what is THAT?!?!) or corn starch (I know what this is, but apparently this known product is not going to be of any help to setting my pie filling).  Well, in the end, I choose to freeze my apples as I have done in that past and have chosen to take on deciphering canning talk and discovering what Clear Jel is for a winter project. If anyone can help me with any of this, that would be great.

And low and behold, what little glorious tip came through my email this week, but a delightful tutorial on canning apple pie filling from my favorite canning girlie, Marissa McClellan and her blog Foods in Jars. This Clear Jel thing is still a mystery to me, but Marissa sure did clear up a few other canning questions and had some great advice on this project! So if you are feeling adventurous, try canning a little apple pie in a jar.  Then bring a jar over to me!

And with that, my Thrifty Sisters, may you each have a fantastic week continuing to be thrifty like your Grandma (share those stories!), enjoy the olive oil tid-bits and please share your apple pie in a jar results with me! Until next week, keep it thrifty and fun!

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