Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 6, Issue 9 – September 8, 2013

Thrifty Sister Newsletter Vol 6, Issue 9 – September 8, 2013

Greetings Thrifty Sisters!  I hope that each of you have had a wonderful past couple of weeks!  Our family has had a lovely time enjoying the warm summer weather with friends and family – including a trip to my folks’ place and a camping trip over the past couple of weekends. With September beginning, there are going to be lots of festivals and events for everyone to enjoy!

With our recent traveling, I have once again been forced to consider the waste that I make versus the way that I dispose of it.  If you ever wonder about your overall waste and if you could make an impact on what really heads to the landfill, consider reading the full article from about doing a trash audit.

Sounds rather trashy, doesn’t it?  (oh… bad pun, but I just could not help myself!) The above-mentioned article helps one to develop a trash audit and how to reconsider basic ideas of disposal, cleaning of the trash bins and reminding ourselves about the items that we are bringing into our home.

One of the ideas during this trash audit is to actually review your bag of trash… yeap, I am going to be completely honest with you – that is just not going to happen! Oh yuck. BUT do take time to think about how this trash audit can be done right at the moment that you are tossing something out!  Can this item be recycled?  Maybe it can, and you just didn’t realize it! Did you know that the metal lids to beer/soda bottles are recyclable?  Again, such a tiny item, but each object adds up.

Is the item that you are tossing out a compostable item?  This is one area that I have gotten rather lazy about this summer.  I have a composter, I use it, but as of late, I just have not taken those scraps to the bin. Why?  Like the extra trip to my composter takes so much energy or time??? This is one area that I could really make a difference in my trashy toss out, but I tell myself that the food items are going to biodegrade in the landfill, so this waste is not a crime.  Oh, oh!!!  Yikes, there I am making excuses for myself!  See!!  It is so easy to make excuses even when one has all of the right tools in place to make a positive impact.

No one is trash perfect.  However, if we could each make small choices – little promises to compost more or to think about our recycling options, or even to consider the packaging of an item before it even comes into our home, I know that we could make huge improvements in our wasteful habits. I know I can make improvements!

Now that I have the trashy talk out of the way, I have a couple of tid-bits to share with you.  One is a collection of ideas on how to expand your use of ice cube trays ( including ideas on how they can organize office supplies, earrings and be used as junk drawer organizers to making perfect little cubes of pesto and sauces as well as clever freezing options and crafting ideas.

The other tid-bit is a collection of 12 Easy Salad Dressings to make:

And with that, my Thrifty Sisters, enjoy your trash audit (or at least being conscious of what goes in the bin!), have fun with the ice cube ideas and enjoy some fresh greens this week with some new dressing ideas.  Thank you for all that you do to make your life fun and thrifty!


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